Teaching Arts Creatively (TAC) Program

Through the Teaching Arts Creatively (TAC) program, AHA gives Jefferson County children a real aha! experience, a new, fresh understanding that learning through the arts is fun. We share the expenses of this program with the West Virginia Commission on the Arts 50-50 and over the last eight years have made available to the art and music teachers in our schools nearly $54,000. (see AHA Voice for a list of this year’s grants.)

Each fall, teachers of the arts in Jefferson County schools have the opportunity to request grant money from AHA to finance special projects that they want to do in their class rooms. The grant requests are reviewed by board members of AHA, and grants of up to $500 are distributed. The money may be used to bring artists into the classroom, for supplies for a special art project, for musical instruments that will be used for years to come.

AHA has helped to finance theatre productions and trips for choral competitions. During the spring, AHA members enjoy visiting the teachers and their projects, performances or culminating activities. Educational research shows that students who have been exposed to art, who have had the opportunity to do art themselves cultivate important skills for learning. The arts are a powerful multiplier for learning in general.

Our dream is to introduce and support a fully arts-integrated curriculum into our schools. Work on this dream will begin in earnest this spring with a meeting with the Jefferson County Curriculum Coordinator and the art and music teachers. Click here for a link to the Arts in Education Grant Guidelines and Application. For more information on the TAC program, contact Sherry Sykes, sherrylsykes@gmail.com

For information on participating in the Artist in Residence Program, we have included a link to an article written by Pam Parziale and published in ArtWorks, Summer 2000 entitled Helpful Tips for Artists-in-Residence: Taking Your Art into the Schools

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