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Jefferson Arts Council

Our Mission

We promote the arts by creating cultural partnerships that enhance the quality of life in Jefferson County, WV.

Our Objectives

*Advocate for the arts and humanities at the local, county and state level

*Create new cultural alliances that enhance the quality of life in the county

*Provide direct grants to artists, cultural projects and education

An astonishing range of creative people live and work in Jefferson County, using their talents to create poetry, pottery, paintings, plays, performance, photographs, novels, histories, fabric art, sculpture, carvings, installations, music and dance and the fine art and culture in all its glorious forms. Artist studios, galleries museums, theaters, readings and concerts abound. AHA! is part of this arts community.

Jefferson Arts Council (JAC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that exists to encourage and support the dynamic role arts and culture play in the county. Founded in 1975 as the Jefferson County Arts Council, membership in JAC is open to any county resident.

In 2010, JAC led the effort that awarded Jefferson County the West Virginia Certified Arts Community designation. Also a United Way partner, AHA! works with volunteers and professionals throughout the community to encourage and support arts and humanities programs. Check out our Membership page to see how you might benefit from being part of the AHA! network.



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